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aitexAITEX is a technical centre constituted as a non-profit making private association formed by textile companies, whose main objective is to improve the textile companies' competitiveness, promoting modernization activities, new technologies and improvement of the company and products quality. AITEX acts on behalf of the textile and clothing industries in Spain and overseas, having a strong industrial representation (more than 900 textile member enterprises).

Among the many different tasks that the Institute fosters, the most important ones are: the standardization and quality, RTD projects, training and laboratory services for enterprises.

In relation with environmental activities the Quality and Environmental Department has a broad experience in quality and environment issues carrying out activities such as:

  • Initial Environmental Revision (IER),
  • Implementation of an environmental management system according to ISO 14001,
  • Elaboration of Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) for all textile companies affected,
  • Environmental consulting services to respond to client issues on environment-related subjects:
  • Elaboration of technical projects and reports up to the moment of admission and approval by the Authorities,
  • ACI (Authorised Control Institution) (periodical inspections and measurement of emissions for those activities that are considered to be potentially harmful to the atmosphere (Annex II of Decree 833/1975 on Atmospheric Environmental Protection).
  • Periodical self controls and emission of conformity certificates required by the Authorities.

AITEX has been participating in many EC, national and regional initiatives, supporting the Spanish textile companies in the development of a growing number of funded projects and is involved in the European Technology Platform on the future of textiles and clothing leading the TG6- "Smart Textiles and Garments".

AITEX co-owns some patents amongst the most relevant are:

  • "Aladdin: Presence detection carpet", co-owned with UNIFAM (P200403022)
  • "Textile tactile screen (Elastic conductive fabric for its use on detection (Touch screen) and volume quantification)", co-owned with Universidad La Salle (P200601319)
  • "Antistress textile" co-owned with Aznar Textil, S.A. (P200701733)
  • "Thermocromic textile for children garments" co-owned with Ramón Espí SA (P200801796).
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