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fieltrosyAislantesARIFIELTROS is a Spanish company settle in Logroño whose main activity is the development of felts and insulation products for several sectors among which are: construction, geotextile, automotive and footwear. The company was founded in 1980 by Ángel Ruiz Ibañez.

ARIFIELTROS has two high capacity lines for the manufacture of felt: a punching line with 2200 mm maximum width and a thermobonding line of 2650 mm, capable performing punching finishes punching, hot polymerisation, , and calibration and semi-automatic packaging. The punching line of 2200 mm has a processing capacity of 1000 kilos per hour when working at full capacity and the thermobonding line of 2650 mm is capable of processing 2,000 kilos per hour at full capacity.

In 2008 ARIFIELTROS successfully completed the installation of a new felt line for automotive applications. It is the most complete, versatile and highest quality in Europe. Funded by investment R+D+i projects, ARIFIELTROS has created 20 jobs in three years and is expected to create 30 additional jobs by 2011 through new R+D+i projects.

During the last two years ARIFIELTROS have successfully developed new insulation products, which properties (sound absorption, fire resistance, fogging, etc.) have been certified. One of ARIFIELTROS research lines is focused on thermal and acoustic eco-sustainable insulating materials for the building and construction sector.

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