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accionaAcciona Infraestructuras is a leading European construction company developing and managing buildings and civil infrastructures under the sustainability principles. ACCIONA counts with its own R&D Technological Centre of Madrid, composed by around 150 multidisciplinary high qualified researchers, fully dedicated to R&D activities.

The R&D Technological Centre of Madrid tries to find the best solutions for the construction sector incorporating new technologies, like the use of advanced materials, renewable energy sources integration in buildings and innovative friendly-environmental materials/products.

It owns full-equipped facilities to carry out the R&D required activities in these research lines. This includes, amongst others, laboratories of nanotechnology and advanced materials, chemistry analysis and workshops for prototyping infrastructure and building components.

In particular, the advanced materials group research is focused on the research and development of improved and new composite materials, nano-structured construction materials, phase change materials (PCMs), aerogels, synthetic polymers, recycled materials, foams, gypsum and bio-materials applicable to the construction sector.

ACCIONA is an active member of some European and Spanish Technological Platforms (TPs) and initiatives, amongst which, the following can be highlighted:

  • European Construction TP (ECTP), being part of its High Level and Support Group and leading several working groups.
  • President of the Energy Efficient Building European Initiative (E2B Association), coming from the ECTP.
  • Member of National Technological Platforms construction/energy related.
  • Standardization Committee EuroCode‐10 for composite material and EuroCode‐11.
  • Member of SUSCHEM – European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry.
  • Coordinator of MATERPLAT – Spanish Technology Platform of Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials.
  • Member of PLANETA. Spanish Technology Platform of Environmental Technologies.
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